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Registration dates   to be confirmed    at "green shed" 

Come and try day on    to be confirmed    @ Bridgewater 

Portland's Nipper program is a Surf Education Program for 7 to 14 year olds which will commence Sunday 1st  December 2019  at Bridgewater Bay. The program runs for 10 sessions between the start of December and end February


This program is structured specifically to their ages and abilities.  It gradually teaches kids basic lifesaving skills required to be safe at the beach as well as developing their skills to compete in surf sports.



Upon registration ALL nippers are required to participate in a swim evaluation or hand in a completed swim skill evaluation form that has been signed off by a qualified AUSTSWIM teacher or coach.  Click here to access the form.


Please Help our Nippers !

A successful nipper program relies upon parental involvement.  There are many ways that parents can become involved.  They include:


  • Beach Assistance - assisting with group activities and games on the beach and up to knee depth water.  Assistance in this area would release those with the valuable water safety qualification to keep our Nippers safe in the water.

  • Age Manager - Each group requires an adult to lead them through the activities each week. Consider gaining your Age Managers qualification to help look after an age group.  Age Managers are not required to enter the water.​

  • Water Safety - Water-based activities require supervision ratio of 1:5.  In the past, many parents have taken on the rewarding challenge of completing their Bronze Medallion.


The nipper program requires intensive parental help.  If you can see yourself helping on the 'front line' with the program please see Damien King or contact him on 0410609356.


If you can help in another way such as cooking or selling at the weekly BBQ session, please let Warrick Bottrall know 0431003114.







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